Buy green energy directly from local producers at competitive prices - the easy way.

Easily manage all aspects of your energy consumption and reporting. All with full source transparency.

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Platform to easily buy green energy directly from producers for companies of all sizes.

green energy marketplace

Corporate buyers can easily manage all of their energy needs in a single place.

Informed decision making

Discover best matching projects based on your own energy consumption data.

Easy purchasing

Simple and streamlined way to purchase green energy for you and your supply chain partners.

Source-transparent tracking

Simple, yet powerful monitoring of counterparties, real-time tracking of individual energy sources, and green energy coverage against your consumption.

Full energy needs coverage

Easily match 100% of your energy consumption with balancing offers from partner energy retailers.

Easy progressive energy procurement.

Progressive energy procurement is like energy sampling. It allows buyers to adopt green energy at their own pace. Buy green energy for anywhere between 1% and 100% of your energy needs. Progressively buy more energy or sell-down you no longer need.

WePower enables corporate energy buyers to

Go beyond offsetting by buying energy directly.

Get competitive prices and transparency in the pricing.

Engage in simple, streamlined energy procurement deals.

Execute instant contracts when terms are agreed upon.

Get total transparency of the origin of electricity.

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