The easiest way to buy green energy directly from producers and reach your energy sustainability goals

WePower marketplace connects companies directly with green energy generators so that all companies can make a tangible environmental impact whilst buying green energy at competitive rates with full transparency.

We believe that it is easy to make a rapid shift towards 100% renewable energy and we are here to enable all companies to reach their energy sustainability goals

2/3 of global energy is consumed by Commercial and Industrial (C&I) companies.

The transition to fully sustainable energy is not possible without their full participation.

Green energy production has already become a competetive alternative to traditional energy sources

Cost of fuel*

  • Wind $0

  • Solar $0

  • Coal $13

  • Gas $29


New development**

  • Wind $35

  • Solar $35

  • Coal $94

  • Gas $129


*Source: estimated using publicly available pricing data and average fuel efficiency statistics

** Source: BNEF, global averages

But so far, only a handful of global companies have been able to leverage the benefits of green energy.

They do it via Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

PPAs are direct contracts with energy producers allowing companies to purchase electricity at a pre-agreed terms for a certain period of time.

Traditional PPA model prevents smaller companies from buying green energy directly from producers.

We offer a revolutionary green energy marketplace to purchase green energy directly from producers.

green energy marketplace

Our marketplace removes many limitations of the traditional PPA process


    No point of entry for smaller buyers. Usually 1-3 large buyers.


    Platform technology enables buyers with relatively small loads to participate in auctions.


    High legal and financial transaction costs. Average PPA process costs can reach as much as $1M or more per contract and take 1-2 years to settle.


    Standardised contracts and project curation significantly reduces transaction costs to buyers.


    To re-sell or decrease the quantity of purchased energy, the whole agreement must be renegotiated - adding more time and cost.


    Buyers can now “sell-down” their contract to 3rd parties via Platform’s secondary market.


    Single party to be relied on for a long contract duration - presenting potential single point of failure risk.


    Multiple smaller parties diversify counterparty risk and reduce its impact.

WePower marketplace connects companies directly with green energy producers, so that all companies, no matter the size, can buy green energy at competitive rates with full transparency.

Supporting all types of energy auctions

Project-led auction
Buyer-led auction

A Project auctions all or part of its output to multiple buyers via WePower’s Platform.

Suitable for project owner seeking multiple smaller buyers.

Buy green energy in 3 simple steps

  • On our platform, renewable energy producers host energy auctions where they sell all or part of their future energy production.

  • In an auction, buyers can place bids for the amount of energy production they want to purchase.

  • Each successful bidder secures a PPA, which becomes active once the facility is built and starts production.

A Buyer tenders their load to secure competitive offers from projects

Suitable for Buyers (individual or group) with large energy consumption

Buy green energy in 3 simple steps

  • On our platform, renewable energy producers host energy auctions where they sell all or part of their future energy production.

  • On our platform, renewable energy producers host energy auctions where they sell all or part of their future energy production.

  • Each successful bidder secures a PPA, which becomes active once the facility is built and starts production.

Choose a procurement strategy best suited for your company

All of our energy buying options can meet 100% of your company’s energy needs. We can offer you different contract types to design your optimal “going green” strategy for the long term.

Our platform is retailer agnostic. We work with all types of corporate customers, no matter which retailers you currently use. We also work both with your own internal energy/procurement department and third-party consultants if you rely on them for energy procurement needs.

Virtual PPA

Hedge your energy prices without cancelling your current retailer contracts. Our solution can work in parallel with your company’s retail contract or in combination with it.

see how it works

Sleeved PPA

Your PPA agreement is immediately novated to the energy retailer, so you could get both renewable energy and firmed energy from the single energy retailer.

see how it works
Contracts on a blockchain could be offered off the shelf, allowing smaller companies—and perhaps, one day, individuals—to use them too. Such contracts would be as easily tradeable as any other crypto-asset, creating a secondary market in power agreements.
Blockchain makes it easier for people to trade on the renewable energy trading platform that connects energy buyers directly with energy producers, giving people and companies a possibility to decide what green energy project to buy from.
The idea is that by recording every energy supplier and every transaction on a blockchain, the consumer will eventually be able to know - and decide - exactly where their energy comes from.
By tokenising renewable energy and putting it onto a blockchain, WePower is making that power tradeable and accessible to anyone. And it's giving people more control.
WePower wants to enable buyers to purchase green energy directly from producers at below-market rates using Ethereum-based smart energy contract tokens. According to WePower, energy tokenization ensures liquidity and extends access to capital.
Using blockchain allows us to aggregate buyers, that would be very hard operationally to manage if you tried to do that the standard way - via spreadsheets.
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Standardisation of renewable energy procurement allows us to reach the goal of democratising access to affordable renewable energy.

  • Contributing to the development of more renewable energy projects

    By directly contracting with renewable energy projects, buyers are enabling these projects to secure funding and become operational - thereby increasing the total number of renewable energy projects in operation, and displacing fossil-fuelled generation.

  • Rapid transactions

    By bundling multiple buyers of various size, generators are able to transact faster and minimise the transaction risk.

  • Reduction of transaction costs without complexity

    Standardised procurement eliminates many unnecessary costs burdening traditional PPA processes.

Revolutionary energy tokenization technology behind our platform

WePower is creating a foundational technology for the next energy revolution. We’ve uploaded year’s worth of nationwide energy production and consumption data from Estonia into the blockchain.

Project geography

Our largest European market with renewable energy generation facility partnerships enough to power over 400,000 households. Our key partner is Conquista Solar.
Home to our Product Developement teams, testing ground for the WePower platform and the location of the first nationwide energy trade tokenization pilot globally. Our partners in Estonia are Elering, 220 Energia and Eleon.
WePower's headquarters and the home to our Global Business Operations teams.
Our newest market with one of the best natural, legal and market conditions for renewable energy projects in the World. In Australia, WePower is part of the Startup Bootcamp Energy Australia program supported by the key energy industry players in the State of Victoria and beyond.

WePower team

WePower's team is a group of passionate individuals with multi-year experience in the energy, finance and digital transformation sectors. At WePower we believe that technology and thoughtful system design can help to solve world's most pressing challenges.
Nikolaj Martyniuk
Chief Executive Officer, co-founder
Kaspar Kaarlep
Chief Technology Officer, co-founder
Kristjan Kuhi
Chief Architect
Jarmo Tuisk
Head of Product
Jenya Khvatsky
Business Development Director
Harley Tempest
Head of Sales
Michael John
Chief Information Security Officer
Gytis Labašauskas
Chief Marketing Officer
Karolis Jonuška
Head of Legal
Adomas Lingevičius
Data Scientist
Aukse Siaudzionyte
Community and Social Media Manager
Eglė Žukienė
Marketing Project Manager
Geoffrey Riggs
Marketing and Communications Advisor
Trevor Townsend
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